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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design


Enhance the surroundings and backdrop of your home with Outdoor Landscape Lights

...and create a picture perfect scene! Read on for some useful "how to" tips and ideas to keep in mind when designing your outdoor landscape lighting. Be careful not to over-light your landscape like a birthday cake. It's easy to get excited and overcrowd a yard with outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting should highlight the most beautiful areas of your property. Buy and use low intensity outdoor landscape lights for trees, flowers, gardens, and shrubbery. When it comes to exterior lighting, a good formula to follow may be to slightly increase lighting levels around focal points and high traffic areas such as patios, decks, doorways and drives. You may also slightly increase the landscape lighting around a fabulous fountain or sculpture. These subtle ways of lighting the border of your home with outdoor landscape lighting fixtures is highly imperative. Other areas to consider in your outdoor landscape lighting design are walkways, steps, fences, and the utilization of outdoor wall lighting. Make your home resplendent and safer with LED outdoor landscape lighting.


Outdoor Landscape Lights Installation

Landscape Lighting is easy to install. After dusk, go out into your yard with a flashlight and highlight the places where you want outdoor landscape lights and note them down. You may buy your outdoor landscape lights in one online shopping spree or do it in phases. An outdoor light transformer is required for outdoor LED landscape lighting and low voltage landscape lighting to bring it down from a 120V house to 12V. Plug the outdoor lighting transformer into a GFCI-protected outdoor electrical outlet that has an over-sized plastic box cover that covers over and around the power cord for protection. The lighting transformer must support the summed wattage of the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures plus one watt for each increment of ten feet of power cord. Dig a trench of about three to six inches in depth where the cord between the outdoor landscape lighting fixtures will be run. Create your splices. To connect each landscape lighting fixture to the cables use a Direct Burial (DBr) splice connector. Direct Burial Connections are of the highest quality, are tightly sealed and prevent moisture intrusion, minimizing corrosion and difficult repairs. Outdoor landscape lights that are 120 volts (120V) do not require a landscape lighting transformer and may be plugged in directly to the outdoor electrical outlet. It is relatively simple to setup your own outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting is easily set up by the owner of the property or by a professional.


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Led Outdoor Landscape Lighting ideally lights up your yard subtly. Today's low voltage landscape lights come in an array of designs to accentuate any home, from traditional to contemporary, so you don't have to settle on the plain and uninteresting. Delight yourself when you walk down your pathway with creative and inspiring works of art in low voltage landscape lights. For low voltage uplighting, such as on trees, shrubbery, borders or on the exterior of your home, low voltage well lights are ideal. You may want to check out Outdoor Post Lights. Learn about Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting and get useful tips on these energy efficient outdoor landscaping lights.


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