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Outdoor Lighting Made Easy

Outdoor Lighting can be easy when you are knowledged on the different types of outdoor lighting fixtures and their common uses. The decorative outdoor lighting fixtures bejewel a home and landscape and upgrade it to a premium look. They light up a home and landscape to showcase its beauty and add exquisite detail. Landscape Lighting adds a little decorative detail but its purpose is more for creating interesting light effects on shrubbery, gardens, ponds and trees.


Varieties of Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Post Lighting is commonly used to shed light on driveways and pathways. Post Lights also look picturesque next to an outdoor bench in a garden. They add great aesthetic value to a home and landscape.


Wall Lighting are wall mounted fixtures used to dress up doorways, garages and walled areas. Usually hung at eye level, it is industry standard to mount them at least 66" from the floor.


Ceiling Lights are fixtures mounted to a ceiling. Commonly used on porches, patios, covered decks, gazebos and walkways.


Hanging Lights are eye-catching fixtures that drop down into an area and are suitable for higher ceilings. Also called outdoor pendant lights, they create a majestic look and are generally hung 84" above the floor.


Chandeliers are impressive hanging fixtures suitable for larger covered areas, such as patios, porches, or cabanas and are great accents to larger seating or standing areas.


Types of Landscape Lighting

Accent Lighting is used for spotlighting, uplighting and downlighting. Can also be used for creating the "moonlighting" effect by placing the lights up high above a voluminous tree. Can also be used to lighten up a very dark area to increase security.


Deck Lighting is used for providing safety on stairs, lighting standing and seating areas, as well as for decorative purposes. If the deck is large, outdoor wall lights and the other outdoor lighting fixtures may also be used to majestically light up an area and provide more artistic flair.


Step Lighting can be used on decks, patios, porches and steps that are built into your landscape.


Path Lighting for small walkways, smaller yards or houses commonly use Low Voltage Landscape Lighting. To really add style and adorn your landscape Post Lighting is an eyecatcher.



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