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Low Voltage Well Lights

Unobtrusive Low Voltage Well Lights illuminate upwards and can be used to accent the exterior wall of a home, gate, trees or shrubbery. These low voltage lighting fixtures are used to provide security and to create interesting light effects by dramatic shadowing. Uplighting a home and a large tree is a common technique used in low voltage landscape lighting. One of the common mistakes made in landscape lighting is placing them incorrectly. When placing the light fixtures around a garden, or pool or to border an area be sure they are spaced equally apart and not too far apart. The light fixtures should be placed to light the sectioned area evenly so as not to make the lighting the focus of attention. Browse our Kichler Lights section for a few different styles. When placing Low voltage well lights a low intensity flashlight is useful for testing the placement of the outdoor lights and the shadows created. Learn more about the benefits of low voltage outdoor lighting and installation.


Outdoor Well Lights in Brass, Bronze, Grey & Black Finishes

Low voltage well lights are small and easily hidden from view. They can be placed in or around plants, shrubbery or a garden. This lends to their versatility in creative light effects among plants. These low voltage lighting fixtures are ideally suited for wet locations as they are water repellant and will continue to function properly when exposed to any type of moisture. For this reason they are ideal for placement around a pool, hot tub, pond, and fountain. Low voltage lighting fixtures have an energy savings of about one third.

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