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Outdoor Lighting 101


Outdoor lighting today has reached an artistic quality and is more exciting than ever. Outdoor landscape lighting is about painting a picture of your home at night and using lights to achieve your dream home. Properly placed and designed outdoor lighting offers a scenic and dramatized creative landscape and highlights the features of a home. It's fun and easy and you don't need an electrician. Here are some helpful tips, ideas and advice on home exterior and outdoor landscape lighting to create a professionally designed polished look. In these six sections, you will find ideas and "how to's" on designing and placing lights, the different types of lighting, lighting techniques, and technical advice.


Beautifying the exterior of your home and landscape will raise the financial and aesthetic value. After dusk, you and your loved ones will enjoy the scenic view as you drive and walk to your newly lighted home. Lighting up your landscape and deck or patio will also extend time spent together savoring the moonlight, stars and outdoor activities.


Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Design

It is recommended that you plan out your low voltage outdoor lighting design. Don't be afraid to experiment with different lighting effects; low voltage lighting fixtures can be easily moved to change the lighting or to accommodate plant growth or new plants. Low voltage lighting systems are easy to install and can be buried in a shallow trench. Draw a sketch of your house and your landscape, including all the plants, patios, doorways, drives, paths and other strong features from an aerial perspective. The sketch can be as simple as some lines, squares and circles to help you plan out your landscape lighting design. Walk around your house and landscape and look at it from different angles near the edge of the property and decide which areas you would like to highlight. Low voltage outdoor lighting is ideal for paths, plants, and small garden areas, sculptures or fountains. Low voltage well lights are useful for creating uplighting effects around a home, plants and trees. Read about the different techniques in outdoor lighting design to get ideas.


Outdoor Residential Lighting Design

There are an array types and design techniques in outdoor residential lighting design. Create harmony and elegance by integrating different types and matching the styles. Keep in mind, that you can buy your exterior lighting fixtures in phases so as not to overwhelm yourself. Begin enhancing your doorway and main pathways with beautifully designed outdoor lights to immediately add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Read about Outdoor residential lighting, written by BrilliantOutdoors.com lighting experts and get more design ideas and technical advice.


Adorn Your Home with Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Essential to enhancing your home's exterior is adorning it with decorative outdoor lighting. Ornate outdoor lighting fixtures will modernize your home and add special details to the exterior. After dusk, these gems will light up your home and dazzle onlookers with their charm. Outdated, boring and plain lights degrade the value of your house and its surroundings and cheapen its appearance. Learn more about decorative outdoor lighting and lighting up your home, outdoor patio, garden and more. Don't skimp on your dream home, endow it with decorative outdoor lights.


High End Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting

You will find the best value in high end outdoor lighting. BrilliantOutdoors.com offers a premium selection of the top brands with designer styling that are also energy saving. Today's eco-friendly consumers prefer luxury outdoor lighting that is energy saving. Another benefit provided by the best outdoor lighting fixtures is that they do not glare, but rather provide just the right amount of light. Sky friendly lighting gives a beautiful glow of your home against the nighttime sky. BrilliantOutdoors.com designer outdoor lights do not blaze spotlights, but rather add to and enhance your home's elegance and aesthetic appeal.


Outdoor Area Lighting

Learn more about outdoor area lighting, get outdoor lighting ideas and browse products that create special lighting effects on your landscape, home, deck and steps. Read more about designing Outdoor accent and step lighting to blend in with the surroundings and landscape and creating special lighting effects on your landscape and deck.

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