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Outdoor Light Transformers

Outdoor Light Transformers reduce 120 volts from a standard home to 12 volts popularly used for landscape lighting. Low voltage (12V) systems are perfect for highlighting the features of a landscape, such as trees, gardens, sculptures, and shrubbery. There are many benefits to having low voltage landscape lighting.

  • Low voltage fixtures are flexible and easily moved to accomodate new plants or growth.
  • A low voltage system is safe and easy to install. The low voltage cable is buried underground about three to six inches deep.
  • Low Voltage systems are energy efficient. Low voltage landscape lights use less wattage and produce beautiful subtle lighting and interesting light effects among your plants.


Selecting a Light Transformer

When selecting a transformer add up the total wattage of all your low voltage lights. If you have 10 fixtures and each one is 18 watts, the total wattage would be (10 x 18 = ) 180 watts. Be sure to choose a transformer in which you will use at least half of the transformer's wattage rating. For optimal performance it is recommended that you come close to using the total wattage rating but also allow yourself flexibility to support more wattage and future additions. Learn more about installing an outdoor light transformer and cable layouts by reading the Landscape Lighting Guide.


BrilliantOutdoors.com offers a 10 year warranty or lifetime warranty for the Outdoor Light Transformers. They can be buried underground and they include modular timers to enable easy automated scheduling of the low voltage lights.

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