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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Selecting outdoor lighting fixtures reflects your taste, decor, budget and home. The following information will help steer you in the right direction in choosing the right outdoor lighting. Adorning the home and landscape is one of the benefits of decorative outdoor lighting. Alleviate darkness, provide security, and creating a picturesque scenic view with outdoor lights. We've broken down the different types of exterior lighting to help you in making the right decision. Security, ambiance and adorning the landscape and home with decorative lighting will give your home a professional polished look. Best of all, it's easy, fun, exciting and you can do it yourself by following these tips.


Landscape Lighting Fixtures

There are many different ways to light up a landscape. The key is to vary the landscape lighting by using decorative and hidden lights. To create interesting lighting effects, backlights and uplights can be used to illuminate trees, plants and more. Uplighting adds more drama. Backlights, such as low voltage well lights, are fixtures placed in the ground, hidden from view to light up plants and create interesting shadows.


Outdoor post lighting will escalate your home's aesthetic appeal and financial value. Lighting up pathways with decorative lighting lamp posts adds impeccable style and grace to your home and landscape. Post Lights come in a wide array of refined and timeless designs to harmonize with your home. The path leading to your front entrance and an elaborate garden path are ideal locations for outdoor post lighting. For secondary smaller paths, gardens, and borders, low voltage landscape lighting adds a nice decorative touch and artistic flair.


Here are some lighting tips to give your landscape a stylized designer scenic view.

  • Don't light up your yard or landscape like an airport runway by placing all of your lights in a row.
  • Create high and low focal points of interest by varying the lighting intensity. This will add artistic vigor. In other words, vary the wattage of the bulbs, placement of lights and direction of lighting. If you use all 30 watt bulbs, all the features of the landscape will be lighted the same with no focal points.
  • Make it easy for guests and loved ones to navigate through the landscape by placing lights accordingly. Placing outdoor lights leading up to your doorway gives a warm welcome to visitors. This will also add safety and minimize accidents.
  • Be sure to place lights around a pond or pool to prevent anyone from falling in. Low voltage lighting is ideal for small ponds. You may also create interesting lighting effects and add striking aesthetic appeal by placing outdoor post lights around a larger pool of water. This will create fantastic reflections and a picture perfect area.


Home Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Lighting up your home serves two purposes; to provide security and dress your home with an upscale look. Embellishing with decorative outdoor lighting fixtures is bejeweling your home with sparkling luminosity after dusk. Other types of outdoor lighting for the home include uplighting to create dramatic effects and to enhance the home's beautiful features and downlighting for porches, patios and other exterior areas with ceilings and in very dark areas. All increase the security of your home. Outdoor lights come in variety of placement types, depending on the characteristics of your home's exterior. Ornate outdoor lights are a must for every modern dream home. Read advice on how to choose light fixtures to enhance the outdoor design of your home.


Outdoor Wall Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor wall light fixtures may be placed on one or both sides of doorways, garage doors, windows and flat pillars. They may also be used to highlight a home or patio, seating or standing area. Aside from illuminating the home, outdoor wall lights can also shed light on an adjacent garden below.


Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures

Outdoor lights that project from a ceiling come in two varieties, hanging pendant and chandelier lights and flush mount lights. Both types of lighitng will punctuate your home with eye-catching style. Choosing one or the other is a matter of personal taste. Outdoor ceiling light fixtures lavish a patio, deck, balcony, entryway, and porch with resplendent light.


Outdoor Accent Lighting

Outdoor Accent lighting may be used to uplight a home or landscape. They feature movable lighting and you can experiment with the different angles until the lighting just looks right.


Eco-Friendly Outdoor Light Fixtures

BrilliantOutdoors.com offers the best in quality, reliability, durability and style. Our outdoor lights are hand-picked for excellence and value. BrilliantOutdoors.com has your best interests in mind; increasing homeowner pride in an eco-friendly manner. The majority of our high end outdoor lights are energy saving. Our energy efficient outdoor lighting includes Dark Sky, Energy Star, LED, and Fluorescent.

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