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Outdoor Accent Lighting Fixtures Online Store

Essential to every landscape is Outdoor Accent Lighting to uplight plants, trees, shrubbery, and walls. Provide greater interest to your landscape lighting design by varying the lighting techniques. Balancing the decorative outdoor light fixtures used to adorn your home and outdoor areas by highlighting the landscape to complete the scene for a polished professional look. Hinkley Lights has them in different finishes such as black, brass, and copper. Outdoor Accent lighting also illuminates the landscape and home exterior to increase security and ward off criminals looking for an easy target. For motion detector lighting, consider using Outdoor Security Lights.


LED Spot lights have an excellent beam of light and are perfect for lighting up trees, sculptures and walls. They are known for their ultra high brightness. It may be best to use these sparingly in your landscape and balance these out with other types of outdoor lighting so as not to have the airport runway look. Outdoor accent lights are also great for creating moonlighting effects when placed high above a tree and pointing the beam down into the tree. The out door flood lights can also be used for illuminating dark areas in your landscape, around your home or bordering wall.


Exterior & Directional Outdoor Accent Lighting

Accent light fixtures are meant to be hidden within your landscape. They come in various metal colors and finishes for ease of blending with different stones, landscape structures, brick work or plants. These accent lights have a weather tight seal and are built to last.

Brilliant Outdoors is a outdoor lighting fixtures online store. We sell beautiful & durable outdoor wall lights, hanging outdoor lights, outdoor post lighting, outdoor chandeliers, energy efficient fluorescent lighting, outdoor ceiling lights and more.
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