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Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting includes landscape lighting, outside home lighting and more. There are important points to consider in choosing outside lights such as the style of your home, activity areas, safety, and focal points of interest. The different outdoor lighting techniques and how to use them to are also beneficial to know. One thing is for certain, outdoor lighting will enhance the elegance and beauty of your home and instill a sense of pride for you and your loved ones. They also allow for quality family time outdoors and will extend the hours spent together.



Uplighting is a technique in which lights illuminate upwards towards an area or object. Outdoor lighting that creates dramatic effects with minimal ground lighting is also referred to as outdoor accent lighting. It is also used to enhance particular features of a home, fountain, sculpture or walled areas. At certain angles they can also be used to light up a pathway or drive where a less conspicuous look is desired for the lighting source. Create stunning effects with outdoor tree lighting to highlight the contours of a tree, shrubs or gardens under a tree. These lights are also used in an indoor garden or foyer or areas where you may have large plants to create dramatic lighting effects or for subtle illumination. They are also used to provide safety in a dark lit area. Flood lights provide lots of light to extremely dark areas. It may also incorporate colored bulbs to add drama.



Downlighting is the opposite of uplighting as lighting occurs downward toward an object or area, but also creates a dramatic effect by silhouetting and shadowing. This technique is particularly useful for lighting the ground, such as pathways, steps and areas that have unexpected angles, crevices, or bumps. They may imitate natural lighting and provide safety for you, loved ones and guests.


Front Entrance Lighting

Outside Wall Lighting will warm up the appearance of your home and add charm. Nothing gives a more polished look and stylish appeal than a well lit front entrance. It also creates an ideal area to greet your guests and make them feel welcome. It provides safety in helping you identify visitors to your home and keeping your doorway lit for unwanted intruders. It also helps your neighbors keep a watchful eye. They may even be inspired by your decorative outdoor lighting. It is industry standard to have the front entrance lighting mounted at least 66" above the floor. If you prefer a single exterior light on one side of the door, it is suggest that it be placed at a height of two-thirds the height of the door from the floor up. If you prefer mounting exterior lights on either side of the door, a height of three-fourths the height of the door from the floor on up is suggested. If you have nearby steps or grade changes be sure the light can reach and alert guests. For covered porches or overhangs, Outdoor Ceiling lights come in lovely styles so you can bury forever the boring and dull generic looking recessed lighting fixtures.


Patio and Deck Lighting

Outdoor Deck Lighting acts a sort of daylight savings time extending time spent outdoors. It also minimize accidents and wards off annoying insects. Transform your deck into a nighttime outdoor living and entertaining area below the moon and stars. Pull out the barbecue and enjoy your summer months on the outdoor deck or patio or have a cup of hot cocoa and roast marshmallows in the winter. Low voltage outdoor lights are ideal as the reduce the glare on your eyes. Indirect lighting is ideal for standing ares on outdoor patios or decks and will create a polished professional look. Step lights and path lights illuminate high traffic areas and assure safety when walking. Light up seating areas or create focus on main eating areas with decorative outdoor pendant lights and chandelier lights.


Outdoor Walkways and Driveways

Outside post lighting adds exquisite style to a pathway or drive. For less common walkways outside well lights are ideal. Both ensure safety by leading guests through your yard and cars can safely navigate your driveway. Outdoor post lights come in a wide array of lantern styles to blend in naturally with your home and other exterior lighting fixtures. They will give your home and landscape the ultimate designer look.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be used to give subtle lighting to delicately highlight flowers, trees and other shrubbery, giving them life and glorified appreciation. Gracefully designed Landscape Lighting creates points of interest across the landscape. You can focus on beautifying elements or the uniqueness of your landscape or create interesting effects by repetitive lighting that is equally spaced to aggrandize minimalist areas. Be creative and impress your loved ones with your outdoor lighting artistry!


Exterior Home Lighting

Outdoor lights highlight charming decorative features or modern simplistic elegance of your home. Exterior Lighting can incorporate outdoor well lights, spotlights as well as decorative outside lighting fixtures on the house itself. Outside lighting can transform a humdrum facade into a glowing home.


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