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120 Volt Landscape Lighting

For quick and easy installation, 120 volt landscape lighting is ideal, especially for very small yards or outdoor areas. These outdoor lighting fixtures do not require the the use of a landscape light transformer because it can be directly wired to your house but the same precautions must be taken. The initial cost of your landscape lighting project is much lower with 120 volt landscape lighting. In the long term the cost of operating a 12 volt landscape lighting system is usually 30% less than 120v landscape lighting. 120v outdoor lighting is usually permanent and not as flexible as 12v and low voltage lighting fixtures. 120 volt lighting has a brighter light intensity and thus are commonly used for creating high focal points in your landscape lighting design. Learn more by reading our Landscape Lighting Guide. Decoratiave 120 volt light fixtures are commonly placed directly on the exterior of a home. Give your home the right amount of illumination that it deserves with this type of exterior landscape lights. BrilliantOutdoors.com offers many energy saving options directly on the product page of the outdoor lighting fixture, including fluorescent, dark sky and energy star.


For lighting up very dark areas, you may also consider outdoor flood lights or halogen spot lights. It may be best to mix up brighter lights with more subtle lighting if you have very dark areas in your landscape, garden or path. Landscape lighting experts recommend that you use different outdoor lighting fixtures and techniques to create interest in your outdoor lighting scene. Read Outdoor Lighting Design and learn designer secrets on how to make a beautiful nighttime scenic view of your home.

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