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LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting is energy efficient as it uses very little energy. LED lights are long lasting, even up to 25 years, but they are more expensive. LED landscape lighting are a new technology thus the range of styles are very limited. The efficiency of Landscape LED lights lowers significantly as temperatures rise or fall because of their limited temperature tolerance. Unless the climate where you live doesn't change much, it may be best to purchase other types of energy efficient lighting that are dependable. You can aid the environment in other ways as well by using Low Voltage Landscape Lighting. For the opposite, we also feature Line Voltage Landscape Lighting. Most of the outdoor lighting offered at BrilliantOutdoors.com have energy efficient options on the product page, such as fluorescent, dark sky and energy star.


LED Landscape Lights: Ideal Uses

LED landscape lights are not good for diffusing light into an area but are excellent for providing directional lighting which makes them great for spot lighting. Wherever you point the LED lights, a beam of light will illuminate a small area. Ideal for uplighting plants, step lighting and grazing small stone structures in a landscape.

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