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Low Voltage Landscape Lights


Low voltage landscape lighting is ideal for lighting up small paths or adding a decorative exterior lighting touch to a garden or border. Because of it's low light intensity low voltage landscape lighting is ideally suited for creating low focal points of interest. Low voltage landscape lights produce subtle, natural lighting effects with decorative outdoor light fixtures. Another advantage of including outdoor low voltage lighting in your landscape lighting design is their energy efficiency and safety in handling. With outdoor lighting, low voltage is key, since many home or property owners tend to leave exterior lights on all night. Low voltage outdoor lighting accounts for this and delivers the required amounts of illumination while cutting down on the amount of electricity used. When planning landscape lighting, low voltage lights and fixtures are available in many different designs. For outdoor lighting, low voltage fixtures such as mini pathway lights or lamppost-style lights are a great way to add a charming touch of ambience. When designing the placement of your low voltage landscape lights and exterior light fixtures, it's vital to create both low and high focus points for artistic panache and a professional look. With landscape lighting, low voltage fixtures are often compatible with stakes, so they can simply be pushed into the ground. There is a relative difference in low voltage outdoor lighting when balancing bright light next to dimmer, low exterior landscape lighting to capture a certain mood. Be sure to compliment your low voltage landscape lighting by adding decorative outdoor lights such as deck lighting to your home to complete the picture and enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor & Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures


Low voltage outdoor lighting can accent a small pond or ground level fountain area with nice reflections. The low voltage landscape lights can also be used to accent a garden area. The ultra-modern low voltage lighting fixtures look fabulous alongside shrubbery as their minimalist designs work well with trimmed shrubbery. Learn more about the benefits of low voltage outdoor lighting and installation tips online through our website tips and advice.


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