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David Miller

image With an impressive writing career spanning over two decades, David Miller is a welcome addition to brilliantlightingoutdoors.com. Mr. Miller's writing experience includes both fiction and non-fiction works. He holds two degrees in English and language arts; having earned his B.A. and a M.A. David was an active undergraduate, and played piano and saxophone in a number of groups throughout his collegiate tenure. He was president of the outing club, and led many of his fellow students on rigorous hikes, canoeing adventures, snowshoeing and skiing trips. His musicality and adventurous outdoor spirit is still a strong influence in his life and writing. After completing his degrees, David worked for a prominent PR firm in Pennsylvania. He has also worked as a music critic for an independent arts and culture journal, tutored disadvantaged children and pursued his own projects. Mr. Miller wrote a number of off-Broadway plays and is a regular freelancer for numerous newspapers and online publications, often contributing pieces on commercial 'green initiatives,' and the environment. While pursuing his passion in theater-arts, David was inspired to learn about lighting design when he would visit rehearsals of his plays. Upon meeting him, it is apparent that Mr. Miller is a diverse and talented man. He seems to always be active and is constantly acquiring new information. His knowledge of lighting and his interest in energy efficiency, along with his excellent writing skills, makes him uniquely suited to be our staff writer.
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