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Outdoor Post Lighting

Liven Up a Garden, Path, and Landscape with Outdoor Lamp Post Lights

Shop for Victorian, Nautical, Oriental Outside Post Lighting & More Exterior Light Fixtures



Be inspired by our outdoor post lighting fixtures in our full array of unique styles for those with discriminating tastes such as traditional, contemporary, venetian, old world, colonial, art deco, ultra-modern, oriental, nautical and more. Our outdoor light post designs are timeless made by world leading designers and brands and add style and an artistic quality to the exterior lighting of your home or commercial property. Outdoor post lights accent the garden, pathway, walkway, patio, deck and the exterior appearance of any home or commercial area. Since the exterior of your home is the first thing people see, that first impression is a lasting one. An outdoor light post or lantern outside of your home will give everyone a sharp first look and will brighten and enhance your exterior, path or landscaping while creating an upscale refined ambiance and perfect picture of your home. These outdoor post light fixtures stand up to all types of weather conditions and are built to last. Even more, their charming glow will escalate the aesthetic and financial value of your home. Outdoor post light fixtures can set a home apart from the rest of the neighborhood!


Use outdoor post lighting to create a focal point in a landscape or garden. Our aesthetically pleasing post lamps are sure to delight your senses. They have just the right amount of lighting and outdoor post lights are picturesque. Some of our finely designed outdoor lamp post lights feature: wrought iron, solid brass, bronze, and brushed nickel. In addition, we offer outdoor light posts in seed glass, amber glass, opal glass and iridescent honey glass among other ornamental designs. With our selection of post lights, outdoor areas take on a measure of style! Outdoor light posts and outdoor pier mounts come in a wide array of perfectly matched finishes and styles as well as our hanging lights. The metal finishes of our outdoor post lighting fixtures are time and quality tested, built to withstand all weather conditions. They also provide safety at night and an outdoor light post can light the way for guests with a dash of style! On low moonlit and foggy nights, you and your loved ones will be glad to see your outdoor lamp posts lead you to your destination while you enjoy your scenic route. With post lights, outdoor areas are all the more inviting for friends and family.

Be sure to compliment your outdoor post lighting by illuminating other key areas such as patios, doorways, gates, and other entrance and exit areas. Outdoor wall lights and sconces accentuate doorways, walled gates and walled decks or pillars. Be creative and mix and match lighting styles that have the same metal look and similar styles for extra panache. When designing or redesigning exterior lighting of your home, be sure the first area is your main doorway because this is the main focus of your house. You'll want to design from here outwards. A lovely outdoor post light is the first thing you want guests to see as they walk toward your door. You could do it in one online shopping spree or in increments and gradually add exterior lighting fixtures and be delighted in how much you've improved the look of your home and surroundings giving it a quality appearance. It's truly astounding how much a single outdoor post light can transform the look of a home. If you are just looking for a post to buy without the light, please visit Outdoor Light Posts.


Brilliant Outdoors is an outdoor lighting fixtures online store. We sell beautiful & durable outdoor wall lights, hanging outdoor lights, outdoor post lighting, outdoor chandeliers, energy efficient fluorescent lighting, outdoor ceiling lights and more in the realm of exterior lighting.

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