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High End Outdoor Lighting that's Energy Saving


An invaluable portion of our outdoor lamps sold online consists of high end outdoor lighting fixtures. With today's high demand for energy efficiency especially in outdoor lighting design and designer outdoor lighting fixtures, our line of LED landscape lighting and energy efficient / fluorescent lighting is a perfect solution. The majority of our outdoor post lighting fixtures, outdoor wall lights, hanging outdoor lights, and outdoor ceiling lights are also made to accommodate energy efficient/ fluorescent bulbs. You can choose from these outdoor fluorescent light fixtures with features such as energy saving, dark sky, energy saving dark sky, and Energy Star approvals. The energy saving exterior lighting fixtures are equipped with a GU24 socket and include self-ballasted, fluorescent bulbs. It is very important for outdoor lighting design to take issues such as light pollution, into account. High end outdoor lighting typically includes dark sky outdoor lights that eliminate light pollution shooting upwards in the night sky. Energy saving dark sky outdoor lamps combine the energy saving and dark sky features together, so that the outdoor light fixtures use less electricity while minimizing light pollution.

High End Outdoor Lighting


Our Energy Star exterior lights prevent the fixtures from staying lit for hours during the daytime, which maximizes the energy efficiency. Energy Star outdoor light fixtures use 75% less power, which enables you to decrease your home expenses, specifically electricity bills. Fluorescent exterior light fixtures produce 75% less heat compared to standard lighting. The bulbs, which are often used in designer outdoor lighting, also last up to 10 times longer. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and has many benefits, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Outdoor LED lighting fixtures include benefits such as lower energy consumption, longer durability, smaller size, and are very economical. Our outdoor lights and exterior light fixtures are UL listed. Compared to incandescent traditional outdoor light fixtures, these high end outdoor lighting fixtures are a better and essential way to help your environment. Explore our website further to learn more about how energy efficient lights can benefit your high end outdoor lighting plans, or to browse and buy a variety of exterior lights.

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