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Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting

Outdoor fluorescent lightinghas been used commonly in commercial buildings and landscape and now today's homeowners can also realize the benefits of outdoor fluorescent light fixtures. One of the main benefits of outdoorfluorescent light fixturesis that they use a lower wattage and output the same amount of light. Aside from the energy efficiency, outdoor fluorescent lights now come in a wide variety of attractive designs. In the past, outdoor fluorescent lights were slow to light up and sometimes flickered, but nowadays these problems are nonexistent.'s outside fluorescent lights are free from flicker and noise. Fluorescent lights also feature less glare and lower luminosity; perfect foroutside lightingwhere usually more subtle lighting is desired and is more aesthetically appealing outside. Fluorescent outdoor lighting is very soft on the eyes and showcases your home and landscape beautifully.

Featuring Energy Star Fluorescent Outdoor Lighting

Energy Star outdoor fluorescent lighting uses about one quarter of the energy of incandescent lights, that's 75% less energy consumption, and distributes the light more efficiently. The bulbs of outdoorfluorescent light fixtureslast over 10,000 hours, which is about seven years. Fluorescent lights typically last 10 to 20 times longer and have a physically larger illumination field and thus are ideal for the outdoors and for landscape lighting. Energy efficient lighting is now required for remodeled and new homes in certain areas. Many utility companies even promote and offer special programs for homeowners that use fluorescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent Outdoor Lighting is Eco-Friendly

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere outside is reduced when you use outdoor fluorescent lighting. If everyone in America used Energy Starfluorescent outdoor lighting, we would prevent the emissions of greenhouse gases from the equivalent of 7 million cars. is dedicated to saving you money by providing the best value on fluorescent outdoor lights, helping you save on your electricity bill and protecting the environment. We encourage you to browse the top designer brands in energy savingfluorescent lighting fixtures.

Incorporating Outdoor Fluorescent Lights into your Landscape Lighting Design

Fluorescent outdoor lights give off soft focal points of light and should be complimented with higher focal lighting points of interest in your landscape for a polished professional look. Many of our outdoor fluorescent light fixtures have the option of fluorescent and incandescent lighting that make it easier for you to create a scenic view of your home and landscape after dusk. Above all, safety should be a key concern when choosing outdoor fluorescent lighting fixtures. Generally speaking, fluorescent outdoor lighting should exist on all walking areas such as doorways, paths, steps and driveways. Learn more about the different types ofoutdoor lightingand get tips and ideas.

Fluorescent Lights

Energy saving outside fluorescent lightsare available in a vast array of shapes and sizes including hanging pendants, wall lights and sconces, post lights, and flush mount ceiling fixtures. You will be sure to find the perfect exterior light fixtures to embellish your home in our immense premium online selection of sophisticatedoutdoor offers top quality decorative outdoor fluorescent lights at exceptional prices, and we offer a low price guarantee. When you buy your exterior lighting from us, we also offer free shipping over $99. Should you need to return any of your outdoor light fixtures, we charge no restock fee on returns.