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Brilliant Outdoors has a collection of outdoor well lights by Kichler that can add to the visual appeal of your home! Some of our online visitors shop our selection knowing exactly where they will put their well lights. Others peruse our inventory of Kichler lighting in search of some creative inspiration as to where to place their landscape well lights. Consider some of these ideas on where to put your new outdoor well lights by Kichler.

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A garden area is an ideal place for outdoor well lights. You may want to consider putting these exterior light fixtures near the garden path so your guests can safely make their way through your beautiful blooms. Putting well lights next to your favorite blossoms in the garden is another idea. That way you can see them at any time of the day or night. Some of our customers like to place landscape well lights near a stone or wooden bench located in their garden. This provides light for someone who is taking a few minutes to sit and enjoy a garden's peaceful atmosphere.


Another place to put well lights is along the facade of your home. For example, landscape well lights can border a line of bushes in front of a home. Also, these outdoor light fixtures can illuminate a front stoop, front walk or entrance way. When you buy this type of exterior lighting it not only helps to showcase your property, it discourages strangers from approaching your home. It stands to reason that a thief is less likely to approach a home that is well-lit than one that isn't.


A small fish pond is another appealing place to put landscape well lights. For instance, a small pond with goldfish may be located off to the side of a home. Well lights can illuminate the pond displaying the fish for visitors in the evening. In addition, this sort of outdoor lighting may discourage animals such as raccoons or skunks from disturbing the pond.


Finally, you may want to use your new exterior lighting to highlight a favorite tree on your property. For instance, the light can show off the beautiful branches of a young fir tree that you are especially proud of. Outdoor well lights made by Kichler can help bring flattering light to a variety of locations on your property.

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