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A Guide To The Night Sky


"When you wish upon a star", "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and "Star light, star bright" are just a few of the stories, songs or poems that have been fueled by our fascination with the stars, the sky or the planets. In fact, at one time or another, everyone has looked up in the sky and wondered about the stars and planets that are commonly found in the night sky. From the earliest age to elderly adults, people have watched and considered what it was like to visit these far off bodies.

Fortunately, with technology and advancements in space exploration and flight, man has been able to either observe the objects in the sky through the use of advanced telescopes or see it first hand through visits to the planets in the form of manned landings on the Moon or un-manned landings on other planets. Through these advancements, many of the mysteries that used to exist about these objects in the sky, have gone answered. And, through the history of space flight, man has come closer than ever to the once unreachable stars and planets. With the visits to the far off planets, man has seen video evidence of what it is like in the sky.

Today, though the study of astronomy and through space flight, man is as close to the stars and planets as ever before. To help learn more about the study of our sky and space, we have gathered a number of helpful resources. Please feel free to browse through this collection of information, and feel free to use it as you see fit. Also, feel free to return to this page often and re-visit the information. Hopefully, the information will help being the mysteries of the sky and space, closer to you.

Moon and Stars

  • Moon, Planet and Stars Photos – Useful web site which looks at the night sky and how the bodies in the sky look.

  • Stars and Constellations - Resourceful page which provides a wide range of information on the constellation and the stars.

  • Star Information – Informative page from NASA which answers common questions regarding stars.

  • The Moon – Information on the phases and orbit of the Moon and how it interacts with the Earth.


  • Solar System - Thorough web site which provides information on the various planets that comprise our solar system.

  • Exploring the Planets – Informative page which explores the various planets that surround the Earth.

  • The Planets - National Geographic web page which gives a look at the planets.

  • Exploring the Planets - Helpful page which explores the various aspects of the planets.

  • Solar System Information – Overview of the solar system with information about the different planets which reside there.

Space Flight


  • Astronomy for Kids - Fun and educational site which provides information for kids on the field of astronomy.

  • Astronomy Information – Web page which provides information on topics related to astronomy.

  • Astronomy News - Helpful page which deals with a number of topics related to astronomy.

  • Astronomy Facts – Informative page which contains an archive of interesting facts about astronomy.

  • Astronomy Facts and Trivia – Useful page which contains several facts, figures and trivia about astronomy related topics.

Kids Resources

  • Astronomy for Kids - Helpful web page aimed at kids to provide them with information about astronomy.

  • Astronomy Information for Kids – Fun and educational web page which contains games, facts and other information about astronomy.

  • Kids Planet Information – Informative page for kids which contains various information about the planets.

  • Planets for Kids – Useful page which details the various planets from a kids viewpoint.

  • Stars and Astronomy – Kid friendly page which discusses a variety of topics about the stars, planets and astronomy.

Sky Resources

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